Monday, March 9, 2009


While waiting for baby to come, thought I'd share what took place Sunday.

I got a phone call 30 minutes before church started inviting me to a "photo shoot" with the Young Women and Relief Society sisters. We're having an Enrichment Night this week and the theme is "Bridging the Gap". They're making posters of us and putting them in the store (one of the rooms in the building) made to look like "The Gap". Not sure what the other rooms will be.

After church, I ran home, threw on some jeans and went to Jennifer's house. I didn't realize she was a professional photographer! She has a full-on studio downstairs.

We had so much fun, and some of us (won't mention names....Grazia), got crazy! It was really fun. Anyway, they sent an email with the pics for us. If interested in peeking, check out

I've always said that life was an adventure!! You never know what's going to happen.


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