Monday, January 26, 2009


My problem is I trust people too much! I made the mistake of doing a "Free 14 day trial" for AcaiBerry and it backfired in my face. I figured since it had the BBB sign and "Oprah" said it was good, I'd try it. Well, by the time it was delivered, it had been 12 days (they count the day you order and I didn't know that). I got it on the weekend and decided to cancel because I didn't like their dealing practices.

Funny thing is...the phone number given, clicked me off...the website they gave to cancel, wouldn't work. I called our credit card company and they have had MANY complaints, so I filed a "dispute" paper and the s/h charges are on security hold. Today (day 16 because of the weekend), I tried calling all the numbers and, once again, can't get hold of anyone. I did get a recording this time though. I have documented everything to send in as soon as I get my statement with the CHARGE on it for their dumb product!

A word to the wise (and in my case, the stupid)...don't take shortcuts and DON'T DO FREE TRIALS!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Human VS. Truck

Nothing to the left...nothing to the right...the only vehicle on the street, and this poor little kid (around 12)ran his bike into our truck. It wasn't a little "Oops, I'm sorry" type of collison, it was a "Oh my gosh, what just hit the truck!" kind of encounter. Chuck was out front and I was walking out the door when we saw this kid come out of the driveway. He turned his head to see if his sister was following....and WHAM...right into the truck. It literally sounded like something had been thrown at the truck. The impact threw the little guy to the middle of the street where he was in the process of getting up by the time I got there. He was holding his elbow, but luckily it was just minus some skin (not bone). I made sure he was alright and I could tell his pride was hurt probably more than his body. He took off like a flash w/his sister. We surveyed the damage to the truck and it now has purple paint on the back and a 4 inch gash of white where red paint used to be. Interesting that we haven't seen him since. His dad is going to get some red paint to go over the truck because he has no money/insurance. Could have been worse! Gotta love vacations!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Arizona Update

We're enjoying our time w/cousins. Our nightly ritual is playing "hand and foot" (card game). It actually got to the point where Chuck and Linda want to play a different game now. He's picking grapefruit off a church member's tree and I'm recouping from MAJOR PAIN in my lower back! Don't know what I did, but my spine lets me know if I sit too long or bend. Took 3 Motrin last night before you think it was the RAZ trip I took??? The weather is perfect here. Must admit it's nice to see flowers and grass all the time. We're thinking about a second (small) place down here. We'll see. Made our plans for Hawaii in October (40th anniversary!). The ward here is fantastic. The people are very friendly and I already have a friend who wants us to move here! One thing we have found about the church is, no matter where you go, the people are friendly feel welcome...and the lessons are the same. We're going to Enrichment Thursday with the ladies and the temple Friday. We're keeping in contact with kids and grandkids and everyone is busy!!! Lots of things happening in the next couple weeks and months. Write to you soon!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Arizona Snowbirding

Well...we did it. We're in Arizona for the next couple of months. We stayed with The Mishlers for the first week and tried out the RAZ. I definitely am enjoying it! We've put on probably 54 miles so far. Chuck is enjoying the 74-78 degree temps and NO SNOW. He reminds me daily how nice it is not to see white stuff on the ground.

We're at our cousins now and I must's beautiful here. Wouldn't it be nice to have 2 homes!!!

I have pics, but no way to put them on...I'll figure something out.

We'll keep you posted!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Day Sledding

Luckily we had alternative places to sled...down the back steps into the basement! Uncle Jay decided this would be a cool way to sled and made sure the back steps would work...the girls followed suit and they had a great time!

The kids stayed for the holiday weekend and it's now snowing...again...what a surprise! Jay is loving the snow.