Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Our morning started out with a phone call from our oldest daughter...."Well, it's been eventful so far", was how she started. I know my children well enough to know that probably wasn't a good thing!

Her mother-in-law was stuck in the snow on the way to breakfast with the grandchildren. My son-in-law loaded the truck up with shovels and headed out to rescue his mom. "I'll be back and then we'll open presents" he said as he braved the snowstorm outside.

He found his mom and got her out within 5 minutes ('cause he's the man). She decided to go back home and he started his journey through the winter wonderland and blur of white on the streets. His encounters included MANY cars stuck on the side of the road. Being the gentleman he is, he pulled over, brought out the shovels and they all joined in helping each other out of the snow. He even helped the fire department shovel people out until a car spun out and hit my son-in-laws truck and put it into the ditch...sad thing is, he knew the guy that hit him (good friend). He eventually got pulled out and headed home and straight to the last of the hot water in the shower. (Did I mention that during this...the electricity went out at their house?).

We're not sure if people are coming over for the turkey/ham dinner that is in my frig or not...maybe Christmas will be postponed until tomorrow...we roll with the punches around here.

I've been watching neighbors on quads w/plows plowing the streets. Chuck is out there doing our street (we're thinking the city snowplows are a little busy right now). One neighbor hooked up a sled to his quad and is going up and down with the kids. Another neighbor is on his snowmobile. I LOVE THIS PLACE!

We'll see how the day goes, the presents aren't going anywhere, so we'll extend our holiday until people get here.



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