Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catch-Up Time!

Oh my gosh...I can't believe nothing has been posted for 7 weeks! My camera went on the blitz and life has been crazy!!

Dave, Audra and the kids came down for Thanksgiving and we had a great time. It was fun seeing how much baby Gavin has grown, along with the girls. They always have such a fun time when the cousins come over. Of course, Audra and I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving (and so did fact, he left before I did!).

Jay, Brie and Khloe came over, along with Kim, Dan and the girls. Dave had brought his Wii System down and "taught" all of us how easy it is to get "booed" off the stage when playing guitar. I think I lasted 2 was disheartening to see my character pick up the guitar, throw it to the ground, and walk off stage. Yeah...that is why I did not pursue music as a career choice!

The kids had fun playing, Kim's family and Dave's family went to Temple Square to see the lights. When they left for home, Dave got caught in a snowstorm in Rock Springs. It took them a little longer to get home.

Brie came back from California after a month visiting with family. It was good to see Khloe and her and settling in for the holidays in their place.

We've been really busy with church callings and the storehouse.

The girls have been busy with dance and choir productions and we've hit them all! I love watching them on stage. The pics that were taken REALLY turned out dark.. ): I'm blaming it on the camera...not the owner of the camera. Another career choice I didn't get involved in.

We're ready for Christmas (I think). I'm sure there's probably something I forgot.

Chuck is actually enjoying his "snow toys". The quad battery quit when he tried to plow the driveway, so he went to the blower. Something else to tinker with. He's counting down the days of snow leaving (sorry Charlie...the snow just started!).


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