Sunday, October 12, 2008

C'Mon....Really?....It's October!

Okay...I know weather can be unpredictable...and we're still new at this snow thing. But it's only the 12th of October! We woke up to a beautiful scene, but I'm pretty sure we just saw all this stuff a couple months ago!! (Notice our poor skelton who has disappeared). Our dear friends from Loomis stayed overnight with us after coming up for a baptism. We had a wonderful time catching up and playing cards. Us girls (hee hee), made a "must see" trip to Tai Pan. It was naturally, very lucrative and FUN. This morning they woke up to a surprise!!! We all had cameras and took pics. Luckily, they had no problems with the white stuff on the way home. Tomorrow we will welcome our little "Jack" to the family. Kelli goes into the hospital in the morning. We're all excited and the boy cousins have one more boy on their side. Keep posted!


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