Monday, October 13, 2008


Kelli went in this morning, started her drip, had her epidermal...and life got really great after that. She went from a 6 to a 10 REALLY FAST. We would tell her when she was having a contraction, she got a little sleep, the doctor walked in, checked her and informed us "We're having a baby". I took the girls to the waiting room, Kelli told me to call Kim (who had just gone downstairs) and then I heard a baby cry. He came in just a couple of pushes and was born at 12:45, weighed 8 lb. 1 oz. and was 19.5 inches. He had a little problem "flaring at the nostrils" (which meant he was trying to hard to breathe), but they took him into the nursery and got him on track. Kelli is doing fantastic, the kids adore him and he's a great sleeper and nurser. She comes home tomorrow.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

C'Mon....Really?....It's October!

Okay...I know weather can be unpredictable...and we're still new at this snow thing. But it's only the 12th of October! We woke up to a beautiful scene, but I'm pretty sure we just saw all this stuff a couple months ago!! (Notice our poor skelton who has disappeared). Our dear friends from Loomis stayed overnight with us after coming up for a baptism. We had a wonderful time catching up and playing cards. Us girls (hee hee), made a "must see" trip to Tai Pan. It was naturally, very lucrative and FUN. This morning they woke up to a surprise!!! We all had cameras and took pics. Luckily, they had no problems with the white stuff on the way home. Tomorrow we will welcome our little "Jack" to the family. Kelli goes into the hospital in the morning. We're all excited and the boy cousins have one more boy on their side. Keep posted!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10...9...8...7...He's almost here!

Kelli's last dr. appointment is tomorrow. Doesn't she look great for being miserable? She was cramping a lot during lunch...we told her that's good! She's hoping he'll feel pity for her and put her in the hospital, but at least she won't go past Monday! We all know that feeling of "I'll be like this forever!". Kim and some friends from church took her out for lunch at Chili's. She even fit under the table :) was kind of like her last meal before "B" day (birth day). We're wishing her a easy and safe labor/delivery. We love you!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And It Begins....

The hard part for Rob is now before him. He starts the CHP Academy on November 10. Graduation is May 12, 2009. I informed him May 12 is the first day of my Disney vacation. He assured me that I WILL be there for graduation or I will be his first official arrest. Hmmm...can he do that to his own mother??? It's going to be an exciting and hard time for him and his family (and us). The baby will be 8 months old when he sees her again. Natalie will be up after the holidays and stay until graduation. We wish him luck, strength, patience and all our love. Be a positive example during all the stuff they put you through. You're a good person and want to help people. You'll make a great officer. Congratulations Rob...(must have been that 115 m.p.h. ride to the hospital while in were born less than 15 minutes after arriving!). We're proud of all our kids and their efforts and we will stand by you as a family, through your hard times and good times. We're always there for you. LOVE YOU!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

65 and.....

Well, the big day is finally here! He turned 65!! Our neighbors surprised him by coming down the street with a flagpole and bow wrapped around it! After presenting it to him, they sang Happy Birthday in the street. Cheri made him choc. cookies w/walnuts and they all ate them. He was really surprised. I'm telling you...we have a great neighborhood! He's been almost giddy realizing that by going with this insurance company for health, he gets all these great benefits INCLUDING free membership at the Legacy Center. He can now swim, jog, use the machines, use the spa, join in different programs, etc...wait a minute...don't we have that at home (except the swimming)? It will be more fun having others to talk too and I'm sure that's a big part of it. He even talked me into a membership (except I have to pay BECAUSE I'M NOT 60 YET!). Of course, it had to rain on his birthday, so he's down. He is not an "inside the house all day" kind of guy. Kids and grandkids coming over later for conference and dinner. He's counting the days down 'til his "Snowbird" adventure in Arizona. Happy Birthday Charlie!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"A" for Effort

Okay....I am definitely not Betty Crocker! My heart is in the right place, but something is not clicking! I had a bunch of peaches and thought..."I know, I'll make freezer jam!". You would think following the directions can't be that hard, other people do it. Chuck even made a lemon run at 8:30 p.m. because I didn't have enough. I put in the diced peaches, corn syrup, lemon juice and sugar(eventhough I thought it was waaaaay too much sugar) and put the goop into jars. I did everything the directions told me too. This morning I peeked at my freezer jars and it looks like pure sugar. OKAY...WHAT DID I DO WRONG!!!! I'm afraid to try it because I might go into sugar shock. The rest of the peaches I just cut up, mixed in SOME sugar and lemon juice and threw them into freezer bags for pies (we know how the pie thing turned out last week). At least they look edible! Should I just stick to the grocery store and hang up my apron or trudge on like the pioneer I'm not!