Wednesday, September 3, 2008

She's Here!!!

This last weekend, Rob, Natalie, Kamryn, Owen and new baby Evelyn paid us a visit! It was so much fun to see this sweet little 3 week old. She's a little sweetheart. Owen is a very loving little guy and loved running around outside. Kamryn was so glad to see her cousins and play. We had fun just laying low and enjoying each other's company. Rob wished his sister, Kris, and brother, Dave, could have been here and the family would have been complete. He will be back w/family when he goes into the academy this November. We all got together Sunday for dinner and then they took off back home. Rob was excited when the famous "Highland wind" showed up. It snapped a tree in half and ripped the propeller off the kids' airplane outside. The boys (Rob and Jay)loved it. Entertainment is cheap....and gas prices can't keep our family apart!


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