Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I don't know if that's a good thing or not! Deanna K. just tagged me, so here goes. My 3 joys are my husband, my 6 children and my almost 20 grandchildren. My 3 fears are cancer, my children being hurt and my grandchildren being hurt (I see a trend here). My 3 obsessions...hello....CHOCOLATE, genealogy/indexing and that stupid game 7 Wonders II (thank you my know who you are!). Lastly, 3 surprising facts about the mystery of me...I always wanted to be a dancer (I became a school secretary instead), I love to window shop (but not alone) and I love watching people enjoy the holidays (secretly wishing my hubby was one of them!). OKAY Deanna, I did it! I now tag Kimberly, Barb and Natalie...go girls!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Okay...So it was a good idea!

Feeling very homemakingish...I decided the granddaughters and I would create masterpieces of cherry and apple pies! We donned our aprons, put out our ingredients and "tools", turned on the ovens and voila...started the creation of the most wonderful pies in the world. The measurements were exact, we even had the "dusting" of flour on our faces, and the anticipation of these glorious pies were more than we could stand.

To make it even better, we planned a day at the Dinosaur Museum while the pies "cooled". When we got home, we quickly had a quick meal and then set down to our beautiful creations!

Have you ever had a cherry pie that once you cut into grew back to its normal size??? (We had whipped cream/sweetened condensed milk mixture on the bottom w/cherries on top). It was supposed to stand by itself (so I threw it into the freezer to harden). The apple pie was WAY too cinnamony and a little underdone. The pie crusts (which were fun to make but wouldn't win a beauty contest) actually were okay.

What was important was that the girls had fun, the house smelled great, but I'll probably stick to pumpkin pies!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Official....I'm Old!

While doing my job as a missionary at the storehouse, I was told by a very serious 7 year old boy...."My baby sister doesn't talk to old people!". Try as I could...I couldn't win him over with my "grandma" charm. The mother was devastated and I just chalked it up to....being old! My mind is that's where I am going to stay...(inside where it is safe!). Reminds me of the little boy in the school office that told me I was older than dirt...and I was only 42! I give up!!!

She's Here!!!

This last weekend, Rob, Natalie, Kamryn, Owen and new baby Evelyn paid us a visit! It was so much fun to see this sweet little 3 week old. She's a little sweetheart. Owen is a very loving little guy and loved running around outside. Kamryn was so glad to see her cousins and play. We had fun just laying low and enjoying each other's company. Rob wished his sister, Kris, and brother, Dave, could have been here and the family would have been complete. He will be back w/family when he goes into the academy this November. We all got together Sunday for dinner and then they took off back home. Rob was excited when the famous "Highland wind" showed up. It snapped a tree in half and ripped the propeller off the kids' airplane outside. The boys (Rob and Jay)loved it. Entertainment is cheap....and gas prices can't keep our family apart!