Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Mexico Trip

Can I say HOT FOOD!!! Oh my gosh...everytime we had Mexican was soooooo hot! They even tell you on the menu, it's going to be hot...but it was HOT! We saw some beautiful places, Tent Rock (beautiful canyon with rocks that looked like something at Disneyland), Bandelier Monument (which was a village built in the rocks), Los Alamos (where the Atomic bomb was built) and dinner with our friends, the Onstotts.

Chuck was in heaven because of the lightning and thunderstorms that hit at night. We stayed on the porch overlooking the pool and watching nature's lightshow while we sipped hot chocolate!

We enjoyed having dinner with our friends and "Granola" (Kristy's friend, Ranee) from school. Once again the lightning made Chuck's night. Maryann showed us her beautiful quilts. She has "Best of Show" awards and one quilt is hanging up at the State Capitol! Lee is quite proficient in making pottery that they use in his spare time. They love it in Santa Fe.

We had a great time at Tent Rock, but did't realize we would be hiking to the top of the mountain. We started the "walk" around noon in sandals. We were only going to the canyon because it was so high up. We kept walking and before we knew it...we were at the top! It was a beautiful hike through canyons and unbelievable rock formations. There was only one spot that was tricky and I had a sore thigh muscle from an accident a couple of days before, so it was even more tricky. You can see the pic of us trying to figure out how to get should have seen us trying to get up! (It looked worse being there!) Luckily there was a breeze and we had water. I did have one expensive ECHO sandals died.

The whole trip was great...we saw and learned lots of things that I had forgotten about in my history classes. The Los Alamos museum was fascinating. I had forgotten about the "city that never was". Wow.


Blogger --Heather-- said...

I found your page and just wanted to say Hi... I miss you guys. Say hi to Charlie for me, and I'm am glad you guys are having so much FUN!!

August 19, 2008 at 10:27 AM  

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