Thursday, August 14, 2008

Busy July...I love it!

Dave and Audra and family stopped by for a couple of days on the way home from their vacation. It was fun seeing how the baby had grown and the girls are getting so big now. We had a really nice visit. Dave got to fly down for a day to put a bid on a possible site for his company. We're hoping it goes through so we can see more of him.

Kristy and her family came up for a couple of weeks. We saw (the kids were asleep) fireworks from our driveway, went camping (does the word "microburst" mean anything?), went swimming, went to Hill Airforce Base, saw a movie, went for rides on a miniature train, went to an "Abba" concert at the park, made tutus and just enjoyed each other's company. The time goes too fast. The cousins loved playing with each other. Us girl's went out for some "me" time and hit Tai Pan and Gardener Village. It was very nice to have all 3 girls together again.

The boys drove to California to load our youngest and his family up and I went down w/Kris and the kids later. I drove back with Brie and Khloe and the next day Chuck and I went to New Mexico for a planned vacation from last year. More on that later when I get pics.


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