Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pop-In Visit and "I'm Seeing Red"

Our friends from Newcastle/Loomis, The Onstotts, just popped in.  They were here for their nephews wedding and ran into Kelli at the temple.  Afterwards, they stopped by for an hour and then left for the wedding lunch and reception.  It was so nice seeing them and catching up.  We'll be in Santa Fe the first part of August, so I told them we would stop by.  She has some beautiful quilts that are displayed at the capitol (she has always been so talented). 

It was a nice visit.Then, grandpa shows up with something in the back of the truck.  It's a red motorscooter (luckily for's very quiet).  It gets 90 miles to the gallon.  What's with boys and toys???  I better start seeing green soon (grass out back).  Newsflash.....whose birthday is this week???  Oh, that's right...MINE!  So technically, is that MY present???  Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Visit from Dave and Family

We had a wonderful visit from Dave, Audra and the kids this weekend. They were on their way home from Montana and Sun Valley and stopped by for a couple of days. The cousins got together and had a great time and we sent the parents off to a movie and lunch. We went to the animal farm and dinosaur museum...who knew it was the dinosaur's birthday and thousands of kids were there! We muddled through the sea of strollers and little people and made pipe cleaner dinosaurs with the best of them! Kim and girls came over and we had a great time reminescing, eating and lighting sparklers.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

Our neighborhood had a parade of anything on wheels...and the kids (and big kids) had fun decorating. Must say I was getting nervous when I looked at the clock and didn't see anyone coming...but then bikes, dogs, ATV's, wagons and scooters started showing up.

Our faithful 3 neighbors and Kelli made sure they had a good seat....actually, they were the only ones on the parade route, so they definitely got a good seat. (They also got all the candy that was thrown).

Grandpa and Paige

John and James (James had a ball)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Look out fish.....girls on the loose!

The granddaughters were introduced to the art of fishing...smell and all. Grandpa took them with another grandpa and his grandkids to Payson. There they discovered the art of "patience", the art of "smelly fish" and the art of "putting things on the end of the hook". All in all, they loved the experience...refuse to eat the fish...and got to eat at McDonalds. Doesn't get better than that!