Sunday, June 29, 2008

More pics

We only got to see the boys for a short time...and there was so much going on, didn't get to even take pics. This was in the restaurant celebrating our 39th anniversary (the day we drove down). Rob was being "cheesy". Notice....there are no pics of the anniversary couple...oh that's right...I was taking the pics (I am the historian for the family). Grandchildren will have no idea what we looked like.

Hard to leave behind!

This is what I had to say goodbye too...good thing we have email and pics.

48 hr. Down and Back!

Just got back from a whirlwind trip to No. California for our granddaughter's baptism, grandson's part in a parade for the Rocklin Jubilee and our daughter-in-laws baby shower (and fireworks). We took three of the granddaughters with us for a surprise and was she surprised!! Saturday consisted of parade, baby shower, baptism, fireworks and we left at 11:30 p.m. to come home. Did I mention the lights on the car went out????? Chuck thinks it is a relay switch. We drove with either high beams or fog lights. Always up for the unexpected! It was a great weekend...much too short...hard to leave everybody. Everything turned out the way it was supposed too. The kids got lots of candy from the parade participants, the baby shower was successful (Kris and I got 2nd place in the Design a Onesie event) and the baptism was beautiful. Kris and Jess sang a song that made you cry, Erin gave the talk on baptism and I saw one of my friends in the hallway. The babies are getting bigger...sad part is, when they finally get used to you, we had to leave. We drove all night and crashed when we got home. Unfortunately we saw a U-Haul rolled over outside of Elko. Driver was okay, but it is so easy to fall asleep when driving. BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yellowstone Pics

Our neighbors, Bill and Linda, came up Thursday until Sunday and we covered a LOT of ground. We had a great time. We even met up with a choir from West Jordan!

Bison..Bubbles..Beauty...STRUCK BY LIGHTNING!

We just came back from the most beautiful vacation in West Yellowstone. Our timeshare just opened their newest resort 1/4 mile from the West gate of the park. We went for a week and everything was perfect! The resort is great, the park is unbelievable, and yes...the Bison are definitely there. Chuck had never been, so he loved it. Pics will show the long line of cars when a Bison was strolling down the middle of the road and cars had to wait...and wait...and wait until they passed. The colors from the geyers and colors of the greenery and rivers and everything was absolutely gorgeous! The restaurant we had dinner at one night was even struck by lightning!! We're eating and BOOM...the building shakes, lights go out, LOUD CRACKLING noise and then the lights go on. We just stared at each other. The waitresses (high school) ran over to our table and just stood by us. It was pretty cool. The satellite dish on the restaurant was the highest thing around and it got flattened. This was outside of Bozeman, Montana. Gas went from $4.09 on the 15th to $4.25 by the 22nd. We saw beautiful scenery, chipmunks, bears, elk, bison, and our favorite...the mosquito (the last 3 days)! Definitely a family must-see vacation.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Even in Moab...the wind followed and found him!

Chuck thought he could escape...but the Highland wind searched and found him...and killed the tent! The Scouts had a fantastic time, beautiful scenery, were a great group of kids, but Chuck's tent took a casualty...big time! Never even got to use it (it came from his brother, Carl). Noticed the dome tents survived...hmmmmm.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Can't Take the "Boy" Scout out of the Man!

Grandpa was up at 5 a.m. getting this and that for the Scout Moab Trip. They were supposed to leave at 8:00...yeah...they left at 9:00. He's really looking forward to this new calling. He loves scouting and TRIPS! I should have the merit badge on sewing badges on the shirts!! Think I'm getting arthritis in my thumbs because they hurt and it took longer to sew the badges this time. Pics and info. to follow when they come back. HAVE FUN!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mission Call!

Dad and I have been called to serve a one year mission at the Bishop's Storehouse. We will stay at home and serve for one year helping families with food needs. We serve two days a week, eight and one-half hours a day. We've worked for two days now and met some very nice people. I must admit...I've been sleeping feet hurt! There's a lot going on in the world out there...we have and are thankful for the blessings we have. After our second shift, dad leaves for Scouts. I am now teaching in the Nursery. I think we're going to spray our backyard dirt green...don't know if we'll have time to put in grass!

Kindergarten graduation/"Jaws"

The only graduation I made it to was Paige's. Her teacher lives down the street and goes to our ward, so it has been a fun year keeping up with the "doings" of a kindergartener. "Bug" had a full cap and gown ceremony when she graduated. The next day we hit Thanksgiving Point to go to the farm and Dinosaur Museum. "Jaws" was there (spooky looking thing) and the sand pit became James' favorite place. Great place to bring kids. Summer (if it quits raining)should be here shortly and we will have lots of fun things to do with all the grandkids when they come to visit.