Thursday, February 28, 2008

California's Newest CHP Officer!

YEAH!!! He did it! Our son just found out he reports April 28 to the Academy and is soooo excited. The officer told him how everyone they spoke too had nothing but nice things to say. He graduates the end of October. Dreams do come true, don't they son! New baby this deserve it. We love you. Mom and Dad

Friday, February 15, 2008


Thought we were done!

Feb. 13, we were slammed...again...with a blizzard. They said it wasn't going to be a bad storm. One granddaughter was late getting home because they couldn't get through and were almost in an accident. Chuck's cousin couldn't get across the road to her home and stayed with us until after 11 p.m. (She picked her car the next morning). It was really sad because 10 school busses were stranded w/children and others couldn't leave the school. They stayed overnight (the school is next to our ward in our neighborhood). We watched as cars lined up outside our home with flashers on waiting the storm out. Police were stationed behind our house not allowing cars to pass. It was really windy. Neighbors were collecting sleeping bags and food for the busses and going out on the quads to get it to them. You couldn't see anything. They closed down SR92, the major road to our place for 2 days. Posted are pics of the day after. Our neighbor luckily made it close to home, but was greeted with a "high" fence of snow in the street to his home and his truck came to a complete stop...he couldn't see. We all dug him out, all the neighbors pulled together to do driveways and streets. It was an exhausting, but exciting day. We're getting used to it. Didn't know so many neighbors had tractors! I finally dug out my front porch...again. Getting used to it. Chuck rescued a rabbit just before the storm and brought it inside. What are we going to do with a rabbit!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fuzzy Addition

I now have stereo snoring in our home! We have a new addition...she's cute and fuzzy and snores...Grandpa will be asleep in the chair snoring and she is on the carpet asleep, snoring. Isn't there something about owners and dogs being the same????? She's a great housedog and loves the snow. She'll run out and roll in it, then look up and all you see are two black eyes and a white face! As soon as I find the camera cord (which fell behind the computer desk...I'll show you a pic). She had 5 pups and is now fixed.

This is a pic when she came to "visit" us with her pups. She was at Kim's with the girls and now we have her. She's definitely a "family" dog.