Monday, January 28, 2008

Our dear President Hinckley

We knew it was coming, but when it finally did, it didn't seem real. We heard last night about the passing of our beloved prophet President Hinckley. He passed away around 7 p.m., surrounded by his family. I am so glad I had the opportunity of seeing him many times in the Conference Center this last year. He always came into the building waving his cane to the crowds and smiling. He radiated kindness. He will be missed, but we know he is so happy because he is now with his wife. He was such an example of dedication and service and love for people. We love you, President Hinckley.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Stuck in the driveway

We had just finished cooking pancakes for a city pancake breakfast. As I came around the corner, I saw the snow in my driveway and thought...I'll just 4-wheel drive it into the garage. I opened the garage using the remote...yeah...I made it 2 feet and stopped. I opened the door and went DOWN into the snow and walked up to the garage. I took pics to show what it looked like from my front door and garage. Couldn't see the steps on the porch and had to shovel to get snow away from garage (in case by chance, the car would ever make it up the driveway!). Our friend saw me shoveling, pulled over and then Chuck came around corner and the 3 of us shoveled. Then our neighbor down the street came by with his quad/w plow and made a path. We are definitely getting attachment for our plow on the quad to make this work. The snow was beautiful and very light and soft. GOOD TIMES! GOOD MEMORIES!

Stuck in my own driveway!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Slammed with Snow!

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Around 11 a.m., the wind started and then we got slammed with snow! It was beautiful and blue this morning. Of course this happened the day I had to go into the city for my skin cancer surgery. We left at noon and luckily I had my camera. Oh My Gosh!...didn't get a block away and we couldn't see anything. Stopped the car until we could see somewhat of a street or wall. Crawled our way to the freeway and then voila...clear blue skies. 22 cars on the freeway pulled over, 12 were facing us! Police, fire trucks and most of the cars were smashed in the front. 3 hrs. later...we're home and the pics tell the rest. Never a dull moment here!!! By the way...the numbing is wearing off...OUCH. Stitches come out next Tues. Word for the day...sunscreen!

The Beginning up to David

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Monday, January 14, 2008

From David to the Present

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Crazy Grandpa

Charlie's love...4-wheeling. This was a trip to Moab. He said we will definitely be doing this as a family. His friend, Bob Moore, knocks on our door at least once a week to see if Chuck can "play". Dave (in blue jacket on yellow quad) got to go on a trip during Thanksgiving.

Danielle 's (niece) Wedding 11-07

Kelli and I and the kids flew to So. Calif. for Danielle's wedding. It was so nice to see my brother, Keith, Maria and the kids. The reception was a lot of fun and the newleyweds seemed to enjoy all the festivity. Kim and Dan flew down as well, so it was nice to have the "cousins" get together. The girls are so grown up now! It was fun talking to nephew Eric and catching up on all the news. We all stayed at the Travelodge across from Disneyland parking lot. That probably won't happen again! Fireworks at night sounded like they were going off in our room. Kelli and I had to rent a car to get home. There was no room on the plane (stand by with Jet Blue). It was a great adventure and the kids were great.

Friday, January 11, 2008

2007 Gavin's Baby Blessing

Dave, Audra, Cami, Kayla and Gavin came for Thanksgiving and Gavin was blessed. We were so lucky to have Audra's brother and family, Kim and her family, Kelli and her family and our friend, Brother Valdez (bishopric) participate in this special blessing. The kids were here for a week and we had fun playing with the new baby. Dave got to go on a quad ride with dad. Audra stayed up all night making yummy cheesecake and the girls and I just had fun.

Christmas 2007 in California

Spent the holidays in Rocklin this year. Stayed with Kristy and saw Rob and Jay and their families. Most of the grandkids were sick with 24 hr. flu or coughs. It was great seeing how big they're getting. Tried to see all of them as much as possible. Weather seemed colder than in Utah (wetter climate). Chuck came down for 2 days, then flew home. Santa was VERY busy! The kids had a great Christmas and I got to go to two wards for church. Ran into friends and teachers I had worked with (of course on the day I had no make-up!). Flew back on New Year's Eve (Kristy's birthday) with a 12 yr.old who was flying by himself. I now know everything there is to know about Transformers!